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Lignis Nelumbo 容器中等颜色红色

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Nelumbo是莲花植物的植物名称,是优雅、轻盈和生命的普遍象征。 Nelumbo 物体的灵活轮廓以荷叶为灵感的标志打开,轻盈且漂浮,能够使其形状适应水的运动。形状、功能、人体工程学和感官效果在这一系列由真实和天然木材制成的物品中融为一体,与自然和谐相处。
Nelumbo 容器既坚固又柔软,侧壁可容纳物体并在移动时保护它们。手感舒适宜人,适合装巧克力、糖果、坚果、香料,也适用于家里的任何小物件,包括珠宝、化妆品、钥匙,甚至桌面用品。
容器尺寸和重量:20x20x11.2cm 0.38kg
纸箱尺寸和重量:22.5x23.5x13cm 0.65kg

全球快递 3-5+ 个工作日

Nelumbo is the botanical name of the lotus flower plant, a universal symbol of elegance, lightness, and life.

The flexible profile of Nelumbo objects opens in a sign that is inspired by the lotus leaf, light, and floating, able to adapt its shape to the movement of water.

Shape, function, ergonomics, and sensory effects live together in this line of objects made of real and natural wood, in harmony with nature.

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Lignis is an Italian brand that designs and manufactures wooden furnishing accessories for domestic or professional hospitality environments, enhancing the material for its characteristics, uniqueness, and special processing techniques. 

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