IVV Tumbler IVV Iroko Set 6 Tall Tumbler Clear Cl.40 Brand

Ivv Iroko 套装 6 高杯透明 Cl.40

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Iroko 套装包含 6 个由意大利 IVV 玻璃大师口吹的高玻璃杯。经典的透明眼镜采用传统优雅设计,让您的餐桌布置成为您客人的特别之物。它们适用于水或酒。 IVV 于 1952 年在托斯卡纳中心的圣乔瓦尼瓦尔达诺由一群玻璃大师创立,是少数仍在意大利生产的玻璃生产商之一。在其六十多年的生命中。 IVV 通过结合对材料、设计、手工技术和工艺控制的研究,创造出重新诠释和不断更新空间和桌子的物品,从而在手工吹制玻璃生产领域跻身欧洲领先企业之列。

  • 这些眼镜的现代包装也是完美的礼物。

  • 豪华玻璃,意大利制造。

  • 容量 CI40 400 毫升。

  • 玻璃是洗碗机安全的。

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Glasses are designed with traditional elegance in a classic pink and make your table setting something special for your guest. They are suitable both for water and wine.

IVV was founded in 1952 in San Giovanni Valdarno, in the heart of Tuscany, by a group of master glassmakers and is one of the few glass producers that still produces in Italy. In its more than sixty years of life.

IVV has established itself among the leading European players in the production of hand-blown glass, by combining research on materials, design, artisanal techniques, and process control, to create objects that reinterpret and constantly renew the space and the table.

Capacity C.I.40 400ml.

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Industria Vetraria Valdarnese

IVV is one of the main and very few remaining glassworks that still produce in Italy. Since 1952 it has combined research on materials, creativity and design with artisan tradition, advanced production techniques and process control. The link with the territory - Tuscany and Florence - is very strong, with its heritage of culture and traditions, which has always been a source of inspiration for IVV's creativity.


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