Chilli Wall Clock Square 80cm Roma mirrored moving cogs wall clock - Gold w/ silver Brand

方形 80 厘米罗马镜像移动齿轮挂钟 - 金色带银色

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  • 需要 3 节 AA 电池(不包括在内)。
  • 齿轮和时钟使用单独的电池工作,可以一个没有另一个工作
  • 伟大的声明作品,为裸露的空间和墙壁带来生机
  • 时钟尺寸和重量:80x80xH12cm 15kg
  • 纸箱尺寸和重量:85x87x14cm 16kg


澳大利亚 - 超重物品 - 运费贡献 $60 1/3 +工作日亚洲 5/10 +工作日欧洲 6/15 +工作日美国 6/15 + 工作日 收到您的订单后 30 天内退货 详细了解我们的退货政策 对于欧盟客户,请注意所有价格均不含增值税。)

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Gears and clock work on separate batteries, can work one without the other

Clock Dimensions and weight: 80x80xH12cm 15kg

Carton Dimension and weight: 85x87x14cm 16kg

All clocks are tested before we dispatch them.

12 months warranty for clock and gear movements.

All clocks are tested before we dispatch them.

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modern industrial clocks


No matter what time of the day it is, a clock is necessary to keep track of the time.  It is made of metal material and has a beautiful design. This clock has a contemporary design and is very elegant and classy. The clock is very accurate and has a silent movement.

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