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Bemboka Toweling 纯棉全套浴巾 - 提花灰色
Bemboka Toweling 纯棉全套浴巾 - 提花灰色

Bemboka Toweling 纯棉全套浴巾 - 提花灰色

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浴巾90*170 浴巾70*150 手巾50*80 洗面奶35*35 浴垫60*95
厚实、柔软、精致,沉迷于 100% 纯棉土耳其浴巾的卓越系列。高吸水性,奢华的 Bemboka 浴巾系列以其纯净的品质而著称,并出现在国际上一些最壮观的精品酒店和游艇的浴室中。经久耐用的 Bemboka 棉质浴巾采用 650 gsm 设计,由独特的单层吸水纱线制成,饰有美丽的丝光棉珠地饰边。该系列设计包含精美的雪尼尔罗纹条纹和经典的中性色调,是永恒的浴室必备品。 Bemboka 毛巾使用有机染料制造,并通过 OEKO-TEX® 标准 100 认证。该认证说明了所有生产阶段使用的材料,包括过程中使用的辅助材料。厚实、柔软、精致,沉迷于 100% 纯棉土耳其浴巾系列。高吸水性,奢华的 Bemboka 浴巾系列以其纯净的品质而著称,并出现在国际上一些最壮观的精品酒店和游艇的浴室中。持久耐用的 Bemboka 棉质浴巾系列有 650 克/平方米的设计,具有微妙的提花纹理,或较厚的 700 克/平方米,由独特的单层吸水纱线制成,饰有美丽的丝光棉、珠地饰边。该系列设计包含精美的雪尼尔罗纹条纹和经典的中性色调,是永恒的浴室必备品。 Bemboka 毛巾采用有机染料制造,并通过 OEKO-TEX® 标准 1 0 0 认证。该认证说明了所有生产阶段使用的材料,包括过程中使用的辅助材料。
Bemboka 产品采用优质材料制成,非常耐用。该系列中的大多数产品不需要任何特殊护理,Bemboka 纯棉、安哥拉和超细美利奴羊毛、70% 竹、30% 棉和纯亚麻床单系列均可机洗和烘干。我们建议您在 40 度的温暖、温和的循环中清洗您的 Bemboka 产品。在阴凉处晾干产品,避免阳光直射,或用中火烘干。注意不要将洗衣机或滚筒式干衣机装得太满,以便为产品有效循环留出空间。 Pure Cashmere 系列和 Bemboka 亚麻羊毛和棉填充被子只能干洗。始终遵循护理标签上的说明。
我们建议使用不含磷酸盐的洗衣液。请勿将彩色 Bemboka 产品与漂白剂、过氧化物或荧光增白剂接触。这些太苛刻了,会缩短软材料纤维的使用寿命。
Bemboka 自豪地与一些世界上最壮观的豪华酒店合作,为喜欢精致细节的客人提供优质床单和产品。合作伙伴需要适合处理 100% 棉和羊毛物品的商业洗衣设施。仅配备处理合成混纺织物的洗衣店不适用于 Bemboka 产品。必须注意确保洗衣机不会超载,并且自动洗涤剂进料系统不会泄漏漂白剂。不得使用温度不受控制的气体干燥器。
Bemboka 建议不要在我们的任何产品上使用漂白剂或过氧化苯甲酰。与漂白剂或过氧化苯甲酰接触的织物将永久变色,漂白剂留下绿色,过氧化物留下橙色。
许多面部和痤疮产品含有过氧化苯甲酰,可能会使产品变色。为了妥善保养您的 Bemboka 产品并采取必要的预防措施以避免永久性损坏,请在使用前检查面霜、化妆品和洗护用品的标签。


Bemboka towels are manufactured using organic dyes and are certified under STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This certification accounts for materials used across all stages of production, including accessory materials used in the process.

Caring for Bemboka

  • Bemboka products are made with premium-quality materials, and are notably durable. All machine washable and tumble dry-friendly.

  • We recommend you wash your Bemboka products on a warm, gentle cycle at 30 degrees. Line-dry products in a shaded place, away from direct sunlight, or tumble dry on low heat. Take care not to overfill the washing machine or tumble drier to allow room for products to circulate effectively.

  • The Pure Cashmere range and Bemboka Linen Wool and Cotton-filled Quilts are dry-clean-only. Always follow instructions on the care label.

Choosing the right laundry detergent.

We recommend using phosphate-free liquid laundry detergents.

  • Do not bring coloured Bemboka products into contact with bleach, peroxide or optical brighteners. These are too harsh, and will shorten the lifespan of the soft material fibres.

Bemboka for commercial use

Bemboka is proudly partnered with some of the world’s most spectacular luxury hotels, providing premium linen and products for the guest who appreciates the finer detail.

  • Partners require a commercial laundry facility suitable for handling 100% cotton and wool items.
  • Laundries only equipped to handle synthetic blend fabrics are not suitable for Bemboka products. Care must be taken to ensure washing machines are not overloaded, and that automatic detergent feed systems do not leak bleach.
  • Gas dryers with unregulated temperatures must not be used.

Managing stains

  • Bemboka advises against the use of bleach or benzoyl peroxide on any of our products. Fabric that comes into contact with bleach or benzoyl peroxide will be permanently discoloured, with bleach leaving a green hue, and peroxide an orange hue. Many facial and acne products contain benzoyl peroxide, which may discolour products.

  • To properly care for your Bemboka products and take the necessary precautions to avoid permanent damage, check the labels of creams, cosmetics and toiletries before use.


Bemboka products are proudly manufactured in New Zealand, Portugal, Turkey and Italy, producing premium quality and maintaining a strong, sustainable manufacturing process. This process eliminates the use of any harsh chemicals, ensuring low energy use, high labour standards and a strategically implemented, effectively managed recycling process.

Raw Materials

Bemboka works closely with its raw material suppliers to ensure all products used in the production process are sustainably sourced.


Bemboka packaging is proudly 100% recyclable, and in the process of incorporating EcoPure® into its packaging process; an innovative organic additive that causes plastic to biodegrade through a series of chemical and biological processes in a landfill disposal environment.

Animal Welfare

Bemboka is an advocate of Animal Welfare, and guarantees no harm caused to animals in the production of its goods.


Bemboka strives to source cotton yarns of only the highest standard using suppliers who are active members of the Better Cotton Initiative; a global not-for-profit organization and the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world.

The Global Organic Textile Standard trademark and Organic Content Standard trademarks can be found on all cotton and bamboo Bemboka products:

Global Organic Textile (GOTS) 5.0Organic Content Standard (OCS) 2.0

A textile product carrying the GOTS label grade ‘organic’ or the Organic Content Standard 100 (OCS 100) contains 95-100% certified organic fibres.

Superfine merino wool and angora yarns used by Bemboka are sourced and spun directly on site in New Zealand, and strictly comply with all New Zealand legal legislations and requirements.

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Discover our collection of exceptional Bemboka bathroom pieces, designed around modern colours and premium-quality materials, including luxury bath towels designed in Australia and made in Turkey.

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