Antonella Piacenti Bangle Antonella Piacenti Damask Openable Bangle 925 Silver Brand
Antonella Piacenti 锦缎可打开手镯 925 银

Antonella Piacenti 锦缎可打开手镯 925 银

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坚固的小号可打开手镯,带有银色双弹簧桶扣,宽度 16 毫米,采用天然环氧树脂、纸和银制成。这款手链具有传统手镯手链的精致外观。一个美丽的金光闪闪的配饰,打造迷人的外观。这是一件精美的礼物,可以在特殊场合佩戴或添加到您的衣橱中。戴上这款手链,打造时尚外观,让您引人注目。送给心爱的人的绝佳礼物,易于佩戴。

  • 16mm环氧树脂,925银
  • 直径 65 毫米
  • 意大利手工制作

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Rigid small openable bangle bracelet with a silver double spring barrel clasp, width 16 mm in natural epoxy resin, papers and silver. This bracelet has a sophisticated look of a traditional bangle bracelet. A beautiful bling accessory for a glamorous look. It's a beautiful gift to wear to a special occasion or to add to your wardrobe. Wear this bracelet for a stylish look that will get you noticed. A great gift for a loved one and easy to wear.

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